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Canadians really aren't that smart. They shout at the top of their lungs that they get free health care, but they have no point of reference because they don't travel the world to see how much better health care is around the world.

Canadian Healthcare is less than mediocre with 12 to 24 hour wait times to get seen by a physician in a hospital and eight month wait times for an MRI or a CT scan. Surgeries are now being booked 18 months into the future.

This is because Healthcare was given to illegal immigrants and illegal aliens who should never have been in the country in the first place and now there's no money left to keep the system afloat, so the Canadian government has chosen to kill Canadian citizens through their Maids program.

Medical assistance in dying is the program and they will kill you just because you ask them to with absolutely no thought whatsoever to the fact that you are rescuable. Children can go and get killed by the government and the government is not obligated to inform parents that their child is about to get a lethal needle.

Canada is a communist shithole bent on killing its own citizens. Do not go!

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