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In Canada Municipal by law officers have absolutely zero authority over any of you.

If a bylaw officer asks for your name you do not give it to them. Simply tell them to leave you alone or you're calling the police if they continue talking to you, call 911 and tell them that you're being threatened.

The police will show up pretty fast. I have done this many times and the police will always tell by Law Officers that they cannot speak to somebody who does not want to be spoken to.

Just because some loser has body armor on doesn't mean that he is a police officer and doesn't mean that he is anything special. The best thing in the world that you all can do is stop talking to any police officer or anyone that says they are an officer of anything.

You are not obligated to give your name to anyone and you're not obligated to speak to anyone. The sooner all of you get that into your heads, the fewer tickets and headaches you're going to have.

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