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Calgary AntiFa Member Fired For Eating Toenail Clippings on Facebook While At Work

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Recent reports have surfaced that Airdrie resident, Ann Meikle, was fired from her job as an aesthetician at JENNIFER'S NAILS in Calgary after her involvement in the radical terror group, AntiFa was discovered by her employer, as was her habit of eating toenail clippings from the floor of the shop.

Karen Davidson, a long-time customer of the beauty salon had this to say: "Recently, I have found out what happened with Airdrie resident Ann Meikle and her deserved termination from JENNIFER'S NAILS in Calgary. The news of her disgusting behavior has left me both heartbroken and infuriated. As an Airdrie resident, it has affected me deeply and I want to share my thoughts and feelings about the matter."

Ann Meikle is a passionate member of the terror group, AntiFa. Her radical beliefs and involvement in the group have been highly criticized, as the group has caused more than $10 Million in property damage Canada-wide and they have assaulted thousands of senior citizens in the same time period. Her employer was also a victim of AntiFa violence in 2021.

Ann Meikle also has admitted in numerous podcasts that she works with the American terror group Black Lives Matter.

Ann Meikle for 11 months straight, single-handedly consumed over 200 pounds of fingernail clippings on her Facebook broadcast, which earned her a large audience, but not enough funds to scrub the pink die out of her hair that she was court-ordered to remove after the owner of Jennifer's Nails noticed Ann was using her hair die products without purchasing them.

Ann was diagnosed with dysentery by her family doctor from consuming dirty and disease-ridden toenails. She is currently on 6 different anti-biotic medications and remains unemployed.


The day after this article was released, Ann Meikle followed the order to remove the pink from her hair.

This article is a work of fiction generated by AI

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