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​Brass Knuckles For Drag Queens & Pedophiles Who Go Near Children in Mississauga

Campaign Guarantee 5: Pedophiles Are Going TO Get Hurt!

The current mayor, Bonnie Crombie is a big fan of pedophilia and a big fan of drag queen storytime. Drag queens are adult entertainment. Many of them are very talented and their goal was to make money performing in front of adults.

Now we have the perverts with permission of the current city council putting on dresses and performing provocative acts in front of children in public spaces like libraries and schools.

This is unacceptable on every level and even though more than 80% of citizens of Mississauga protested this, Bonnie Crombie's perverted ways demand that she ignore you all.

Because Bonnie Crombie is a pedophile, more children have been exposed to naked men in Mississauga than ever before.

When I am mayor of Mississauga I will have a private police force who answer only to me who will be identified by the brass knuckles they wear. When pedophiles are caught in the act this police force will beat them to a pulp and then they'll be arrested, and publicly called out.

I'll be doing the same thing to any drag queen who decides to perform in front of children anywhere in my hometown. The radical left can complain about this policy all they want but I can promise you once we take the teeth out of a few of these perverts in the city, they will disappear and they will run for a different town.

Mississauga children will be safe when I am your Mayor.

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