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Bonnie Crombie is Going To Jail

Campaign Guarantee Number 1: BONNIE CROMBIE IS GOING TO JAIL!

Bonnie Crombie is a criminal. She worked closely with Trudeau's government to rig the 2018 and 2022 municipal elections. She works closely with terrorist groups to fund her campaigns and to launder money from Pakistan to Canada and then into Myanmar and Thailand which is used to murder Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs.

Bonnie Crombie is Going To JAIL when Kevin J Johnston is Mayor fo Mississauga

Bonnie Crombie is Guilty of the Following Crimes

Extortion - 14 Years

Election Interference

Election Fraud

Obstructing Justice - 10 Years

Intimidation - 5 Years

Fraud Over 5000 - 14 Years

Terror Funding - 10 Years

Murder - 25 Years PER VICTIM

Bonnie Crombie KNEW that COVID-19 was a political tool to help move massive amounts of wealth to the Liberal Party of Canada, and she KNEW there was no health risk to the fine citizens of Mississauga.

Bonnie Crombie was also aware that the Pfizer Vaccines were LETHAL and she forced you to put that poison in your veins. SHE KILLED PEOPLE IN MISSISSAUGA, and I will lock her up for her crimes against humanity.

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