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BIDEN'S AMERICA The Comic Book Has Brazilians Screaming For Issue 2

The release of "Comic Bidens America" by Kevin J. Johnston has received massive praise in Brazil due to the unique and grungy perspective it offers on current political issues in America. The graphic novel is a satirical take on President Joe Biden's America, providing a critical and heavy-handed view of the current political climate.

One of the reasons why the graphic novel has received such widespread recognition in Brazil is due to its realism value. The book's use of dark settings and satire to highlight current political issues makes it a relatable and entertaining read.

The book addresses various topics such as Biden's immigration, and treasonous acts that have led to the country being in shambles.

Another reason for the graphic novel's success in Brazil is its unique way of presenting complex political issues. By using illustrations in a dark tone, and by forcing the reader to learn as the characters learn, the book simplifies complex political topics such as the economy, foreign policy, and socioeconomic war.

Kevin J. Johnston has brought yet another terrifying look into the future of America under Joe Biden and the most corrupt administration in American history.

Buy your digital copy of issue number 1 today.

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