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Toronto Sick Kids Hospital Offers Assisted Suicide To Children Without Parental Knowledge

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Sick Kids Hospital In #Toronto Will Help Your Kids Kill Themselves Without Parental Consent - And Without Warning

What a show tonight! Here is what we cover:

In order to get your English Degree from the University of Toronto You have to play DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! After you kill imaginary dragons and orcs, you have to write essays on how the EVIL non-existent creatures are not really evil and deserve our sympathy...EESH!

Here is the course description from the University website:

Family Services in Ontario are pushing Pedophelia - no surprise there.

Schools in Canada teach that NOT dating Transgendered women is BIGOTRY and will be punished.

Transgendered MEN are mad that men do not want to date them.

HETEROSEXUAL MEN, Would you date a "Transgendered Woman" - You know, a MAN dressed As a Woman?

Vote on GAB:


We also cover ASSISTED SUICIDE and murder by doctors that the law will allow in Canada and we MUST STOP IT!


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