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Age 51. After 6 weeks, Deadlift Goes From 230 Lbs to 335 Lbs.

I won't accept getting older as an excuse.

I have been inspired by the fireman of Calgary who go shirtless to adult shows and sell calendars containing photographs of them to raise money for burn victims in Alberta. The left wing has said that really hot men with washboard stomachs who are completely cut and handsome as fuck should not subject themselves to being objectified in photographic calendars. I disagree completely especially considering the fact that they were doing it on their spare time and not getting paid for it specifically to raise money for people who are victims of both accidental and deliberate burnings of the skin. I take inspiration from men who are fit to do this at age 51. I'll be entering the 400 Club soon guys and I'll keep you posted on that. Go ahead and make excuses or go ahead and live, choice is yours.

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