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A Warning To Millennials

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

A Warning To Millennials From the Amazing Kevin J. Johnston

VIDEO LINKS: BITCHUTE: MINDS: RUMBLE: Millennials these days have absolutely no respect for anything or anyone. They are a bunch of greedy and self-centred spoiled brats who do little more than spend their days trolling everybody on the internet in the hopes they will acquire a little bit of Fame. Being famous for being a troll really does not serve you in any positive way. Sure, you will have fans but those fans after they've donated a couple of bucks will move on to the next troll in line who is funnier than you. I'm introducing Colleen Grimes, a professional Internet troll or at least that's what she calls herself, who is known in the Ontario lacrosse circuit as the best oral sex provider to professional and semi-professional lacrosse players.

This individual thought that they would never be consequences in discussing publicly my genitalia for six straight months on all of her social media platforms. Well, I am here to explain to you that if you continue to be an Internet troll believing that there are no consequences to your actions, that one day there will be and there won't be anything you can do about them no matter how severe they are. Please read my book lacrosse is dead and get the whole story but also have yourself a good laugh. I guarantee you 12 BIG LAUGHS in this book, and it'll blow your mind to find out just how corrupt Youth Sports associations are in Canada. As for you millennials, you are all less interesting and funny than you really think that you are! Good luck once you hit your 30's. Kevin J. Johnston - - DONATE TODAY!

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