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A Very Special Kevin J. Johnston Show on Wednesday Night!

The Kevin J. Johnston Show is going to run 3 hours on Wednesday Night with AMAZING SPECIAL GUESTS!

Pat King, Kelly Anne Wolfe, Michael Arana, Mike Fillip, Rocco Bortollotti, and Chris Sky!

If you want your question answered, simply make a donation here:

or sign up for our monthly subscription here:

You can watch the show LIVE on these sites:

The Kevin J. Johnston show runs Monday to Friday starting at 7PM Calgary Time / 9PM Toronto Time.

It is time to SAVE CALGARY! Donate to save your city.

Kevin J. Johnston signs are being STOLEN all over CALGARY. Please contact us right away for your new sign and a new banner. We will gladly get them to you!

The 15 Foot Banner BEFORE

The 15 Foot Banner AFTER

We are the ultimate ONLINE FAMILY and I love working with all of you. Thank you all for your kindest support over the years.

Kevin J. Johnston

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