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A Race Track is Coming Back To Calgary This October!

Calgary needs a RACE TRACK. There are more car enthusiasts here than there are in Toronto and we need to make sure they have somewhere that they can spin their tires and not get a ticket!

What the current city council of Calgary does not realize is that race tracks make money. Admission tickets, storage fees, beer sales, food sales, gambling, hotels and campsite fees and the list goes on.

As Mayor, my job is to make money for the city, and I know how that's done!

Every time something that is entertaining and necessary is removed from a city the morale of the city falls and people leave. When people leave, the city loses business tax revenue and property tax revenue not to mention all the local businesses lose revenue and when they lose enough of it they shut down.

When businesses shut down in Calgary, the city loses money again.

I know many muscle car enthusiasts in the City of Calgary and they have all pointed out to me that our race track is the one priority we should focus on to keep drag racing off of our streets. Human behaviour cannot be changed. Somebody with a 500 horsepower engine is going to put their foot to the floor whether you think they should or not.

With a race track in the city, they'll be doing it legally and the city will be profiting from it at the same time.

If you want your racetrack back Calgary, you have to vote for Kevin J Johnston this October 18th!


Mayor Kevin J Johnston and VAPE and RACE TRACK
Download PDF • 1.21MB

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