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As our society becomes more and more divided and our education system becomes more and more pathetic, and our government becomes more and more left-wing, the more of you out there are convinced that your feelings matter and that accomplishments don't.

I am messaged by a lot of very sad people all of the time about how offensive they find what I say but they never counter anything I say with a fact to prove that they are correct and that I am wrong.

I have no interest in being a shock jock. I only have interest in making sure that what I know to be true is what I say and I'll still make sure that what I say is correct by triple checking the facts that I bring forward.

Our education system at every level has now convinced everybody that they're emotional reactions to the truths of the world are more important than those same truths and thus they lash out with insults and nasty comments.

Being offended by something never makes you correct; it actually does nothing but make you pathetic. If you are over the age 25 and you are offended by anything you need to reevaluate your particular outlook on life and develop more positive life philosophies for yourself.

When I know that you are someone who is offended by a simple truth, I have already judged you as somebody who is dangerous because you have no value to anyone and that includes yourself. Emotional reactions are something that you must always keep under control because once you show the world that you will react emotionally to a simple truth, they and me now own you.

It is time for each and every one of you to grow up. If you don't like what I say, why the hell are you on my social media pages? Your insults are something I get off on but I'm trying my very best to help you be less pathetic; perhaps you'll listen and learn something. Most likely not!

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