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A Great Joke Cracked on Miami Radio By Kevin J. Johnston

Updated: Jan 7, 2023


Mr. Johnston, you say that all hospitals in Canada are empty, let's hear this.

Kevin J. Johnston:

There is NO Pandemic and there never was. We proved it a few times that all the Hospitals in Canada are EMPTY.

There are so many beds available in Canadian hospitals that they could open as a hotel for the world's biggest ComicCon and have beds to spare after all the

40-year-old virgins in Sailor Moon costumes get one.

Tell me Mark, how can SO MANY people in the world believe what CBC, CNN, and other dumpster fires parading as media have to say on this?

What stops the average person from watching the idiot box 12 hours a day? Do they not know how to pull the plug on their oversized TV's and read a book?

Let me guess America, you'll put your Mask back on when CNN tells you that Kraken is a real virus. I thought Kraken was a hockey team???

There is NO HOPE for those who have not woken up by now, so I think I should just give up on being Canada's best podcaster and just take up surfing with you boys in Miami.

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