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424,000 Canadians who were born in Canada left the country in 2023. There are no opportunities, the police have become rabid animals, the courts are putting whites behind bars for criticizing immigration policies, journalists are being assaulted and imprisoned for nothing in Canada and there's absolutely no Economic Opportunity.

There is absolutely no reason for anybody born in Canada to remain in Canada in the year 2024. Justin Trudeau is going to cooperate fully with the Joe Biden Administration to make sure that there is no election in the USA and for that when Trump wins I pray that Trump walks into Canada and annexes the entire place but accidentally destroys Toronto in the process!

White people are being replaced faster than any other Nation or civilization in our species history and it's all been done deliberately by Jihadi Justin Trudeau.

He even told you in his first month in office that he was going to turn Canada into the world's first post-national state and you didn't pay attention to his words.

When psychos tell you what they're doing you should shut up and pay the strictest attention to it then act accordingly. None of you did and now you're broke.

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