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1st Item Delivered From The Noble Savages Store!

Thanks Derek I love the hat. It’s very well made great stitching and the colour is so nice.

Thanks again Derek Love to you all For Kevin and all of you Love the show keep up the great work #freeKevinJJohnston

I'm glad you like the quality of the hat thank you for your purchase. hope to see you back for another purchase. Thank you tor watching and thank you for the support!!!!

Derek Storie


As you can see she's an avid fan of Kevin J Johnston and myself so she has quite the collection started there especially the waste the date of coffee As you can see she has quite the collection she's been an avid Viewer of our show. And we're grateful for thankyou, Brenda, for purchasing items from our stores, and I'm sure Kevin appreciates it too that you have his mask or bullshit in lacrosse's dead.

You can find this item in my store, and t's has many choices in colors. You can get camouflage, You can get pink blue picked every colour pretty much.

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