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15-minute cities are essentially turning any major metropolitan area into a concentration camp. They are going to split the city up into a number of zones and then allow you permission to cross over into these zones a limited number of times per year. Should you cross over into another Zone beyond the number of times allotted to you, you will be fined.

The fines are going to come in the mail because this will all be digitally done. Face recognition software and software that reads license plates will issue a ticket to you should you cross into another Zone without permission.

They have begun this all over Canada by introducing bike lanes that nobody uses and by continuing to pour out propaganda stating that somehow human beings are capable of heating up the planet.

The truth be known, the propaganda is actually more dangerous than the surveillance systems themselves because the average person out there does not seem to be smart enough to ignore the messages that are being sent to them.

You can see me on a walking trail beside the Bow River where there are absolutely no businesses aside from a driving range around this path yet the path has been scraped completely clear of snow and ice where the highways and the roads in some cases have 3 inches of snow and packed ice on them.

This is the City of Calgary trying to tell you that walking is the better way to go, which I agree if where you're walking is within 5 km but Calgary much like every Canadian city is spread out obnoxiously so, and there is no way to get anywhere quickly on foot. I know this because I have walked more than 60% of the streets in Calgary and I know exactly how long it takes to walk anywhere in town.

Naturally, many of you are going to believe that this is somehow good for the planet but the same number of you that believe this probably still believe in the tooth fairy as well.

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